April 23 2018

    SCCCE Art Exhibition

    SCCCE competition for Primary and Secondary students:
    1) Chinese Calligraphy
    2) Visual Art / Painting
    3) Performing Arts / Dance – An invitation to perform at the SCCCE President’s Challenge Dinner on 3 Aug 2018

    Upcoming activities:

    • SCCCE Art Exhibition (23 July – 12 Aug 2018)
    • Chinese culture seminars (13 July – 12 Aug 2018)
    • SCCCE Bilingual & Bi-cultural IAP International Comprehensive Ability Contest (18 July – 23 July 2018)
    • Preliminary round “Peace” competition (30 July 2018)
    • Grand Finals round ” Blissful moments” & Award Ceremony (31 July 2018)

    We earnestly hope that you can encourage your students to participate in the upcoming events and bring supporters and well-wishers to support the SCCCE Opening Ceremony on 31 July 2018 at 5pm.

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    About 8th SCCCE

    This is the 8th Anniversary of the SCCCE (Singapore Chinese Culture & Calligraphy Art Exhibition) Art Awards and Exhibition. It is a platform to showcase talents and works of well-known artists, art lovers and students – from local and international scenes. It is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together to interact; share their experiences and exchange ideas and knowledge.

    Over the years, to reach our goal of “arts and culture for all”, we have been showcasing numerous art forms and crafted a record-breaking activity, “Colours of Chinese Calligraphy”. Our hope has been to embrace and spread Chinese culture by appealing to the young artists in our midst.


    8th SCCCE President’s Challenge Charity Dinner

    SCCCE is now invite sponsorship for a unique charitable event in Singapore’s arts and cultural landscape, and the President’s Challenge Charity Dinner, which will commemorate the commencement of the SCCCE Arts Exhibition on 3th August 2018.

    The President’s Challenge Charity Dinner brings together the arts and cultural performances with the objective of helping the less fortunate. It will also host the SCCCE Art Awards and Competition, where artworks submitted by local and international students will be evaluated and celebrated. To cater to the overwhelming response, artists who missed the cut-off date for submitting will be relieved to hear that the closing date has been extended.

    Paintings contributed by primary and secondary school students will also be offered for sale. Net proceeds will be donated to the President’s Challenge Charity Dinner 2018.

    Mon to Sat: 9am to 6pm

    Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

    Contact No: (65) 6220 6228

    Fax No: (65) 6323 2900

    UEN/CPE Registration No.: 201012407H

    Reg. Period: 13/09/2017 to 12/09/2021

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