Today we gather to celebrate the Year of the Tiger

Friday, February 11, 2022

CNY opening speech by:
Mdm Claire Chng, Managing Director of Golden Compass School.


A very good afternoon to all the Alumni’s of Golden Compass School.

Today we gather to celebrate the Year of the Tiger, with Vaccinated Travel Lanes opened and international travel progressively resuming, hopefully more families can re-unite and celebrate Chinese New Year together in the coming years.

For decades, Singapore has thrived under globalization. But our external environment has changed. COVID 19 has re-shuffled the deck; it has revealed new threats while at the same time open up new opportunities. Global fault lines have sharpened, and US-China rivalry has intensified. Supply Chains have been disrupted. Countries are fighting to meet their own needs. This is especially challenging for Singapore as we made a living by doing business with the world.

For us to succeed, we need to understand these changes in our external and domestic environments; rethink our problems0 and improve on our status quo.

Everyone should have a vision and goal so that you always have a purpose in life. I am sure with all your experiences; you must have heard from people who have told you to make sure you have something to fall back on. But what they really meant, I suppose was to have something to fall forward. If anything, I would want to fall forward. I will then be able to see what I am going to hit on.

Slide: Knowing which skills are in demand has never been more important. With the evolving customer demands and disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are asking how they can better prepare themselves for the future.

In 2020 based on the World Economic Forum, Singapore’s key growth will be in the following 3 main areas: They are Digital Economy, Green Economy and Care Economy.

Digital Economy: Powered by Smart Nation Initiative

Green Economy: Involves enterprises that are restructuring to move away from harmful business activities to greener one

Care Economy: Is driven by the aging population.

Digital Skills has become a top priority skills set as they are increasingly transferable across different sectors as more enterprises embark on digital transformation and technology adoption.

Top priority Job Roles are in Technology Application, Data Analytics and Market Research

Top emerging soft skills are Conduct & Ethics, Strategic development, Inclusive Practices, Change Management Framework

In Golden Compass School, we believe in Life Long Learning, align our courses and adopt emerging technologies in order to cultivate our learners based on these most critical skill sets. Blended Learning has become a norm and even our SG universities are in the process of this transformation. Our Senior Manager, Rachel, will be sharing more on the insight of the job market and our upcoming courses that we will be delivering later.

In this Chinese new year, let us work together to resolutely overcome the pandemic with the strength of the Tiger, and seize new opportunities to build a better environment. I wish all good health, and a very happy Chinese New Year.

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