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At our weekly enrichment classes, we endeavour to:
  • EXTEND a CHILD’s Vocabulary
  • DEVELOP a CHILD’s Comprehending skills
  • PROVIDE opportunities for a CHILD to Participate in interactive group dicussions
  • MOTIVATE a CHILD to Continually improve in learning the English Language
All lessons are planned in adherence to MOE’s Assessment Guidelines for English Language.
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About Our Course (From P1 to P6)

  • Course content is tailored to meet the learning needs of the students.
  • Adopting innovative approaches to enhance students’ capacities.
  • Maximum of 8 students in a class.

Keys to Comprehension

  • Using background (prior) knowledge – to make connections
  • Creating mental images – to mentally engage and visualize texts
  • Asking relevant questions – to focus on important information in the texts
  • Inferring – to read between the lines to look for clues and draw conclusions


  • Forming schema – to evaluate new information


  • Using contextual clues to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words
  • Developing vocabulary – making word meanings and relationships visible by using graphic forms, constructing a network of meaning for a word, using new words in many modalities of expressions

Course Objectives

To enhance students’ skills in comprehending a passage, synthesizing and developing their vocabulary through activity-based and research activities.


Lessons are planned for students to acquire skills and develop their mental processes. The teacher will help them improve English test results and cultivate good learning habits.

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“At Golden Compass School, our distinct strategy in helping all our students improve in their comprehending skills has paved the way for them to achieve better overall results in their school assessments and at PSLE level for the English Language subject. Every one of them has shown remarkable improvements and confidence in answering challenging questions.

Our focus on the individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses has paid off. We have raised their self-awareness and help them change their fear and perception of the comprehension sections in the language paper.

The weekly classes facilitate their growth in learning and inevitably at each session, we deal with the multiple concepts of grammar, vocabulary, synthesising, etc.  The students are encouraged to participate actively and engage in the vibrant discussions in the classroom.

Of course, at the end of the day, the perseverance of a student is important to us. The teacher at Golden Compass School can only be a role model who is GREAT and inspires.”   Tan Chin Cheoh nee Giam


Profile of Tan Chin Cheoh nee Giam

Chin Cheoh was an Education Officer with the Ministry of Education from 1963 to 2005. She worked her way up to become English Head of Department and served as Principal of two Primary schools during her last fifteen years of service. In her last role as Principal, Chin Cheoh was tasked to establish a new school in Woodlands, building it from scratch to becoming a school of choice in  the area within a few short years. Her intensity and concern for the students’ growth and development, emphasis on professional development of teachers and value add to the school curriculum yielded desirable outcomes and the schools flourished under her leadership.

Driven by a desire to continue giving back and her strong belief in building capacity, Chin Cheoh remains involved with the Ministry of Education in various capacities, particularly in the area of teacher training and development. She has also worked with NTU/NIE and NIE International on various projects, notably being a member of the teams sent to Bahrain and Vietnam to provide leadership and teacher training in those countries.

With an amassed wealth of experience, Chin Cheoh is much sought-after by teachers and parents. She is constantly engaged to help teachers in strengthening their approaches in the classroom delivery and instruction of the English Language and helping parents better understand a child’s strengths and weaknesses with the objective of improving learning outcomes. She remains committed to the advancement of education in Singapore.


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MICO  – P5, 2017

I learnt a lot of things during Mrs Tan’s lessons. Every lesson, she will go through some parts of the practise papers she assigns to us every week. Along the way, Mrs Tan will teach us some vocabulary and grammar items. Mrs Tan also teaches us new techniques for visual texts, editing, synthesis and transformation, comprehension and more. Mrs Tan also issued a yellow vocabulary book for us to write down the meaning of new words. I will use these worksheets and vocabulary book for revision, especially before exams. After the lessons with Mrs Tan, my comprehension, synthesis and transformation and cloze passage sections improved. Most of all, I enjoy my lessons with Mrs Tan and look forward to her class every week.

SE-EN – P2, 2017

Mrs Tan has been helping me in my English language. I enjoyed every lesson with her. These few weeks I learnt how to write fluently and I was exposed to a wide range of vocabulary words. I like the lesson, because Mrs Tan explains everything clearly to me.

JUN WEI – P6, 2017

How Mrs Tan has helped me to improve my grades, was the way she taught me in class. In class, when she was going through the papers we had done, she would sometimes explain the reason why we had the answer incorrect so that so we don’t repeat that mistake.

For example, for comprehension cloze, she would point out the clues to find the answer (if relevant), and then explain carefully. She taught us how to do visual texts – to read sentence by sentence, and not skim through the visual text.

She would also explain the meanings in vocabulary MCQ/ cloze , and focus on synonyms. All these actions done by Mrs Tan has helped to improve my grades (English) by at least 15%.


Parent: Sun Yan Fen (Cher Jin En’s mother):

The teacher actually did more comprehension exercises and it has improved my child’s comprehension marks. Mrs Tan is a very experienced teacher. She has extended the time of the lessons so that the students can learn more from her.


Parent: Kelly (Choy Jun Wei’s mother):

Mrs Tan is a very experienced teacher. She often extends the lesson time to ensure she finishes teaching the works. My son has done well in his SA2, P5 exam and has shown some improvement. I think his vocabulary has been extended as he has learned many new words during Mrs Tan’s lessons. Overall, I’m satisfied with the programme & my son enjoys attending the lessons too.


Parent: Ng Swee Meng(Avyz’s mother):

My child’s grades improved as she had learned how to answer her comprehension questions more appropriately and skilfully.


PSLE  English A*

I learned new stuff every week and lessons were fun and engaging. Thanks to Mrs Tan I made improvements and scored an A* for PSLE.
Liu Chang

PSLE 2015 English A

I like the interesting passages and challenging questions.

PSLE  English A

I learnt many different words which I did not know the meaning of before I joined Mrs Tan’s class.

Primary 6 student

It was fun and I made lots of friends. The lessons were also interesting.

Primary 4 student

It is fun and the passages are interesting. I like the teacher.
Jin En

Primary 5 student

I like the spelling activities.


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Tel: (65) 6220 6228

Fax: 6323 2900



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