Opportunity to learn, reskill and upskill in the Tourism and Events Management Industry

Monday, January 17, 2022

Our students came from different walks of life. They attended our course to reskill and gain additional knowledge for their future career planning. And with the acquired skills set, it helps to leverage on their capability and improve on their work performance. From their busy schedule as an entrepreneur, supervisor and secretary, they manage to arrange time and put in their effort to study and complete the course in a pleasant learning environment. Hear them out in the following testimonials.


Students Testimonial


Hi everyone! I’m Tan Mary who had just completed my Tourism course at Golden Compass, which provided us with a cool, conducive classroom for learning and better insight into the Tourism and Service industries. We had efficient, friendly, and compassionate trainers, especially Trainer Rachel. Besides the efficient trainers, there’s a gentle soft-spoken Julia who is very diligent and always go the extra mile for us. The course is very comprehensive. We were taught on Detailed Planning, Strategy, Communication, Service Excellence etc. Although we did encounter some hassles, but the trainers were patient in explaining repeatedly. How lucky I was to meet all my helpful, caring, interactive and jovial course mates especially Jenny Chong. We really had a great, fun time during the course. Good luck, Everyone. Stay safe and healthy. Hope to meet up in our next course at Golden Compass School.

– Tan Mary, October 2021


I recently completed my Diploma in Tourism, Event Management (MICE) at Golden Compass School and I am happy to share my experience and highly recommend this professional institution as I have gained a lot from my time spent there. All the trainers are professional and made the lessons fun and engaging. They are very dedicated especially Rachel Kor, together with their staff including Julia, are very helpful.  With many new friends I met in class, everybody helps to make the learning a very pleasant experience. Thank you, Golden Compass School.

– Faustina Juliana Lim, November 2021


I have just completed my course “Diploma in Tourism” in September 2021. I believe that the additional knowledge gained will be put to good use soon. Many thanks to all trainers, course mates and staff of Golden Compass School for their assistance rendered in one way or another.

– Maureen Goh, September 2021

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