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To promote the traditional Chinese art form of Calligraphy as a main focus of the program targeted at local students, through a step-by-step program, the institute aims to gradually immerse students in this age old art form and practice of Chinese Calligraphy. The institute brings together masters in Calligraphy from China graded by the Chinese Calligraphy Grade Syllabus from the Academy of Fine Arts (one of the most authoritative examinations in Chinese Calligraphy) in conjunction with local cultural immersion and education through a systematic step-by-step program.

Programme Structure


  • Understand traditional Chinese culture
  • Feel the unique charm of the art of calligraphy
  • Culture artistic talent, improve training

Adviser’s profile

Dr Khoo Seow Hwa
Dr Khoo Seow Hwa is a master of Chinese calligraphy excelling in practice, theory, and education. He had conducted courses in the National University of Singapore, National Institute of Education, National Arts Council and Institute of Policy Development.

Mr Khoo is also the author of 26 books (in Chinese and English) on the theories of Chinese calligraphy and has held many charitable calligraphy exhibitions. He has also been sharing his passion for the art through radio broadcasting.

Mr Xie Tiancheng
Xie Tiancheng incumbent president Liu Haisu Art Institute, most of Xie’s works are about historical figures.

  • Resources visiting professor at Peking University ;
  • Professor Emeritus University of Traditional Oriental Culture Institute of Beijing ;
  • Shanghai Film Art Academy visiting professor : the national steering committee for urban sculpture construction members ;
  • Vice President of the American World Artists Union Council;
  • Artistic director of the World Chinese Association ;
  • Artistic director of the World Federation of Collectors ;
  • Director of United States to Promote Sino-us Cultural Exchanges ;
  • Emeritus professor of New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts ;
  • Vice president artistic director of American International Cultural Exchange Society of Arts;
  • Visiting professor at the Art Institute of Guangxi University.

Duration: 1 Week – 12 months

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