Certificate in Service Excellence

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  • Our trainers are practitioners in the service sectors and have more than 15 years in facilitating experiential learning.
  • SkillsFuture Credit-eligible course for Singaporeans aged 25 and above.

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Tao Hongyang 2016:

It definitely brings me to a new field, and motivates me to learn more in the future, so as to be a good customer service provider.

Zhou Peng 2016:

After this training, I become more confident and know more about customer service. I will do better in my future career.

He Xin 2016:

The trainer teaches from comprehensive aspects and the knowledge is very useful.

Gao Jing 2016:

This is not only a training programme, it’s more like a career guide for us.

Sheng Yumo 2016:

I practice a lot about how to communicate with others and acquire a lot of knowledge about service excellence.

Wang Ang 2016:

I believe that this programme is worth listening. The content is new and interesting to us. The methods of delivery knowledge used by the teacher make us learn easily.


The key to sustain and increase the amount of customers is to improve customer satisfaction. The aim of this programme is for learners to understand “why” and “how” to improve customers satisfaction. The key topics include cultivating the sense of service, learning systematical service strategies in framework, motivating your employees to provide good service to customers positively and building up long-lasting relationships with customers.

At the end of the programme, learners should be able to understand the core of customer service is to achieve customer satisfaction.  In the process, learners will learn to work according to plans and stick with providing best customer service.

Key benefits:

  • Recognize the value of customers, and how they can influence the competitiveness of company or organisation
  • Learn and practice essential service skills to provide joyful experience for customers
  • Set up personalized plan to improve customer satisfaction
Modules                    SubjectHours
     1Show Social and Cultural Sensitivity, 8
     2Implement Operations for Service Excellence,16
     3Provide Service to Customers,14
     4Respond to Service Challenges,16
     5Project a Positive and Professional Image16

Course Period: 3 months
 (Part time)

Average teacher-student ratio: Min (1:15), Max (1:30)

Assessment: Practical Performance, Role Plays, Oral Questioning, Workplace Observation, Written Questions, Industry Research Projects and/or feedback from workplace supervisors

Delivery method: Blended learning that combines classroom learning or practicum learning with online learning.

Graduation criteria: Attendance >75% and pass all the assessments

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Admission Criteria & Fees

Minimum Age: 16 years

Academic Level: PSLE and above

Language Proficiency: English (beginner)

Award of Certificate:
Upon successful completion of coursework and examination, and a minimum of 75% attendance, students will be awarded a Certificate in Service Excellence by Golden Compass School.



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