Dual Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality


Year 1: Diploma in Hospitality / Tourism (with Internship)

Year 2: Specialist Diploma in Hospitality / Tourism (with Internship)

Year 3Degree in Hospitality / Tourism / Business / Event Management

To develop an understanding of contemporary issues in tourism, hospitality and business management.  Prepare you for a career in the tourism and hospitality industry with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge in tourism, event management, customer relationship management and hotel management.

A dual qualification gives you the opportunity to combine two different nationally accredited diplomas into the one comprehensive program. This unique course design allows for dual qualifications to be studied in a shorter period of time than completing two separate qualifications at a reduced cost and without any loss in quality. Each competency unit is nationally accredited and on completion of the dual qualification program the student receives two separate nationally accredited diplomas.



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Course Introduction:

The Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality is a programme consisting of modules that reflect both contemporary and pertinent issues in the tourism and hospitality industry. The programme attempts to impart critical and useful knowledge and skills through a mixture of innovative delivery and learning methods.   The diploma also acts as a useful platform for learners to embark on higher education within the business, tourism and hospitality disciplines, through the relevant topics studied throughout the programme.   This innovative programme is suitable for learners who wish to learn more about tourism and hospitality in a business, social and sustainability related approach.

With an ever changing job market where we regularly see old employment opportunities disappear and new ones suddenly appear we are confident that our dual qualification graduates will be successful irrespective of the potential rise in unemployment and uncertainty of their current employment position.

Earning a dual qualification can provide you with an interdisciplinary education that allows you to build a career in more than one vocational area as you will be qualified in a manner that few professionals are. GCS offers an extensive choice of dual vocational qualifications that will fit any student interested in making themselves more marketable in the current job market. It also provides you with skills to build your own business or expand your existing business or employment opportunities.

Dual qualifications can provide an opportunity for students to broaden their network and opportunities. Combining professional units with areas of specialization can help establish the student as an expert in a niche, open new opportunities or just give that professional edge. Pursuing two qualifications at the same time can reduce the overall course fees as well reducing the time taken in comparison to completing two qualifications at a different time. Dual qualifications allow credit transfers of units where two programs overlap with electives and same core units.

According to Graduate Careers Australia, “graduates with dual qualifications (85.5%) are more likely to have found permanent employment than those with single qualifications”. This is partially due to employers valuing graduates who possess a wider education encompassing more than one specific area of study.  With a new emerging business and economic landscape comes new ways to do business. Employers are now required to employ people who can develop, deploy and use a new set of tools and skills in an increasingly connected world. These changes have driven the need for employees to possess a more general skill set that will now address the employment requirements of a more diverse business community that has become part of the global village. To the business community, students who are enrolled in specific single discipline degree/diploma programs are no longer as appealing as those who have an expertise across a number of key areas.

Graduates of dual qualifications are recognized by employers as having the ability to adapt their skills to new settings as they can offer a greater range of experience. These graduates also have a higher visibility in a pool of job candidates. This visibility might also give the prospective employee more leverage when it comes to negotiating salaries and/or promotions as well as some form of career protection in the event of staff terminations.

GCS Diploma prepares you to go for CTH Level 4 international examinations which allows you to apply for 2nd year Degree ‘top-up’ courses at several UK Universities.  A step-by-step progression towards the goal of a Degree, with the flexibility to step away into the world of work mid-way and the benefit of a recognised qualification.


Modules                                       Subject Hours
      1 Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality 30
      2 Visitor attractions in the Tourism industry 30
      3 Marketing in Travel, Hospitality and Tourism 30
      4 Principles of Business Management 30
      5 Accounting in Travel, Hospitality and Tourism 30
      6 Accommodation, Food and Beverage Management 30
      7 Sustainability in the Tourism and Hospitality industry 30

Average teacher-student ratio: Min (1:15), Max (1:30)

Course Period: 12 months (Part time), 8 months (Full time)

Assessment: Exam, assignments, presentations, tests and quizzes

Delivery method: Blended learning that combines classroom learning or practicum learning with online learning.

Graduation criteria: Attendance >90% and pass all the assessments

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Admission Criteria

Minimum Age: 16

For Local Students

  • Any 3 subjects with Grade 5 and above at N(A) Level and Grade D for N(T) Level; OR
  • NITEC or Higher NITEC; OR
  • Mature candidates (≥ 30 years old with 8 years work experience); OR
  • Candidates with other qualifications will be assessed on case-by-case basis

For International Students

  • Completion of Year 10; OR
  • Completion of below Year 10 will be considered if it is an official completion of High School in the country of origin; OR
  • Other private or foreign qualifications will be assessed on case-by-case basis

English language requirement:

  • Grade C6 in any GCE N-level subjects conducted in English, OR
  • Successfully pass Golden Compass School English Placement Test; OR
  • IELTS 5.5 or equivalent (applicable for International students)

Academic Level: Any 3 subjects pass N (A) level is grade 5 and above or N(T) level as grade D and above

Course Fees: S$19800 NETT * Find out if you are entitled to further subsidy today.  Terms and conditions apply.

Award of Certificate:
Upon successful completion of coursework and examination, and a minimum of 80% attendance, students will be awarded a Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality by Golden Compass School.

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Tan Qinze 2016

I gained much knowledge from diploma courses in tourism and hospitality, which will definitely benefit the development of my future career. The trainer always asks questions, leading us to think independently and understand how to deal with various problems.

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