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Year 1: WSQ Diploma in  Hospitality / Tourism (with Internship)

Year 2: Specialist Diploma in Hospitality / Tourism (with Internship)

Year 3Degree  in Hospitality / Tourism / Business / Event Management

A dual qualification gives you the opportunity to combine two different nationally accredited diplomas into the one comprehensive program. This unique course design allows for dual qualifications to be studied in a shorter period of time than completing two separate qualifications at a reduced cost and without any loss in quality. Each competency unit is nationally accredited and on completion of the dual qualification program the student receives two separate nationally accredited diplomas.

With a new emerging business and economic landscape comes new ways to do business. Employers are now required to employ people who can develop, deploy and use a new set of tools and skills in an increasingly connected world. These changes have driven the need for employees to possess a more general skill set that will now address the employment requirements of a more diverse business community that has become part of the global village. To the business community, students who are enrolled in specific single discipline degree/diploma programs are no longer as appealing as those who have an expertise across a number of key areas.


Working and studying towards a degree can be a challenging but rewarding experience! 

Here are some potential benefits and challenges to consider:



Overall, working and studying towards a degree can be a viable option for those who are able to balance the demands of work and study. It can provide valuable practical experience, financial support, and networking opportunities, but it may also require significant time management and sacrifice.

To help students fulfil their dreams, Golden Compass School offers DUAL diplomas in tourism and hospitality in Singapore. Courses are taught by professors and industry professionals with years of experience.  There is a minimum of 6 months internship where students, have their first experience in a workplace setting. It is a unique challenge as well as an opportunity.

GCS mentoring programs are proven to help interns succeed, both in their studies and employment. The added support can help them adapt faster to the workplace culture. There’s also the possibility that it will open the door for learning and networking opportunities they may not otherwise have had.

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