Lower Primary English

Helping English Learners Perform (HELP)

Join us in our HELP programme where our teacher shares techniques and strategies to help learners improve their English Language skills.

HELP enables the students to perform better in the oral and written assignments in their respective schools.

Being proficient in the English Language provides a child an edge to excel in English and other school subjects.

Students will then be better prepared academically and emotionally to face challenges ahead.

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Email: admin@goldencompass.edu.sg

Programme Structure

At our weekly enrichment classes, we endeavour to:

EXTEND a CHILD’s Vocabulary
DEVELOP a CHILD’s Comprehending skills
PROVIDE opportunities for a CHILD to Participate in interactive group dicussions
MOTIVATE a CHILD to Continually improve in learning the English Language

All lessons are planned in adherence to MOE’s Assessment Guidelines for English Language.


Admission Criteria

Minimum Age: 7-10 years old

Language Proficiency: English

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Tel: (65) 6220 6228

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Email: admin@goldencompass.edu.sg

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