February 15 2016

    SCCCE Art Exhibition


    1. Art exhibition – Works of modern artists
    2. Exhibition of preliminary entries for “My Home” art competition and photography competition
    3. Singa the Courtesy Lion
    • Courtesy Campaign
    • Singapore Book of Records Challenge – Write the Chinese character “礼”which will be contributed to the largest Chinese calligraphy collage
    • Live calligraphy session for charity
    1. “Courtesy Starts with Me” – A Series of Activities
    • Talks and seminars: Uniquely Singapore, Traditional Culture, Chinese Handicraft Courses
    • School visits and student exchanges
    1. Charity Sale – New Artworks
    2. Culture Performing Arts

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    Important Dates to Note:

    •    SCCCE Art Exhibition: 18 July – 7 Aug
    •    Competition: 24-26 July
    •    Opening ceremony: 1 August

    SCCCE aims to

    1. Promote Traditional Culture and Values
    2. Serve as a platform for Cultural and Arts exchange
    3. Enhance Singaporeans and visitors’ Art appreciation
    4. Encourage the development of interests for Chinese Culture and writing Chinese
    5. Help the less fortunate

    Requirements of artworks

    Qualifying theme: My Home (我的家).
    •    Submission of artwork must be in A3 size with 50-100 words description of artwork
    •    Please include participant’s title of artwork, name, gender, age, school/association, province where applicable and country at the back of the artwork.

    Judging Criteria:
    The judges will be selected by the organisers. The results will be based on the following criteria:
    Criteria (100 points)

    •    Artwork Content:  Clarity of theme(30)
    •    Artwork Structure: Quality of art piece (composition, technique)(40)
    •    Artwork Value: Ideas, creativity, original thought(30)

    Important Dates to Note:

    PhasesClosing DateDescription
    Registration报名30 June 2016Closing date for submission of registration forms.
    Qualifying 选拔  24 Jul 2016Participants to submit art pieces upon arrival in Singapore which include 50-100 words description of their artworks.Selected art pieces will enter into preliminary round where art pieces will be exhibited in Singapore.
    Preliminary 入围25 July 2016Selected art pieces from the preliminary round will enter into the Grand Final competition.
    Grand Final 总决赛26 July 2016Finalists will create their final art piece in Singapore and nominated finalist will give a 1-2 minutes presentation on their final art piece to the panel of judges to decide on Gold/Silver/Bronze winner.The theme for the Grand Final is Courtesy starts with me (礼貌由我开始).