After-sales Service

After sales service refers to all the things an organization can do for the care of its valued customers after they purchase a product or service. This type of customer aftercare is important for any business, but especially for small businesses where every client counts.  Therefore, it is important to equip your service personnel with the essential after sales attitude and procedures in order to build long term real and lasting customer relationships for future purchases and referrals.

Course Introduction:


This course aims to educate individuals, especially those working in the service and retail sectors, to acquire knowledge and skills to after sales services.

This course will help learners acquire the ability:

  • To implement and understand the type of after sales services and establish them according to organisational procedures.
  • To identify defects product returns and/or exchanges with respective departments, suppliers and/or manufacturers, the terms and conditions of manufacturers’ warranty and/or guarantee
  • To follow organisational procedures in packaging and arrange delivery protocols to customers
  • To complete documentation required for inventory updates and customer purchases.

Admission Criteria & Fees

Minimum Age: 16 years

Academic Level: PSLE and above

Language Proficiency: English (beginner)

Award of Certificate:
Upon successful completion of coursework and examination, and a minimum of 75% attendance, students will be awarded a SOA by Golden Compass School and SSG.



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