Intensive English Camp 2018

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27 – 30 November 2018

Lower Primary (P1, P2, P3) – 10am to 1pm

Upper Primary (P4, P5, P6) – 2pm to 5pm



Programme Structure

The Camp will focus on activity-based learning to enhance the participants’ skills which they would have acquired in their respective schools. Participants will be engaged in fun and engaging activities to further widen their knowledge in writing skills, synthesising, comprehending and extending their vocabulary.

Writing Better

A strong, engaging beginning sets the tone for the Composition writing and determines the content. Through activities, participants will identify what makes each beginning interesting in the examples given and practice writing their own beginnings that will hook readers.

Building Vocabulary

Through activities, participants attempt to use context clues to figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word they come across in their reading. They have to bear in mind that context clues are the words, phrases, and sentences surrounding an unfamiliar word that can give hints or clues to its meaning.


Participants will look at different formats of combining sentences e.g. using a participle, a preposition with noun, adverbial phrases, etc. Participants will try combining some sentences in given practice exercises.


Through activities, participants will look at making connections in their reading, asking relevant questions, visualizing and using mental imagery, making inferences and determining important facts in the stories given as comprehension exercises.

Teacher: Mrs Tan Chin Cheoh

With more than 40 years of teaching accomplishments in the Singapore primary schools for the English Language subject, Mrs Tan has amassed a wealth of rich experiences in preparing students for the PSLE format (English). The varied objectives of each lesson delivery at Golden Compass School, focuses on opportunities for practice, builds confidence and helps the students to develop essential skills, necessary for an effective performance at school and national levels.