A Taste of Singapore English Programme – English is fun!

The course is developed based on the objectives specified in the syllabus produced by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. It aims to stimulate the children’s interest in learning the English Language, Basic Science concepts and Art through a fun and rewarding experience during the organized sessions. Another focus would be to help the participants acquire appropriate and relevant listening and speaking skills.

The instructional approach adopted would ensure that lively and engaging interactions prevail among the participants. The varied questions posed would facilitate inquiry in their learning process and develop their critical and thinking skills.

Programme Structure

English course details

  • Emphasizing good Listening and Speaking skills
  • Teaching skills in sentence structures (emphasizing grammar) and simple conversations
  • Developing skills in class presentations
  • Conducting picture discussions and facilitating meaningful and coherent conversations
  • Developing vocabulary through speech and drama
  • Strengthening learning through written assignments

Early Science & Arts course details:

  • Students will have opportunities to connect science to their daily lives and ‘do’ science in a creative way
  • Learning the parts of plants, leaves and flowers will pave the way for children’s appreciation of their environment. Children will observe, sort and classify different natural objects.
  • Through Art, children will learn the life cycle of a butterfly. This will deepen their understanding of the growth of insects.

The course will provide an enriching insight into the content taught in Singapore schools. It will help our students from overseas gain understanding and knowledge of the education journey that our Singapore students take in their developmental years.


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Admission Criteria

Primary School Students or Secondary School Students


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3 Days

3 Hours  – LEAPS English program(Experience Class)

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