Student Life

GCS Career Development

Career Development helps you make the transition from being a GCS student to a successful executive in the career of your choice. We will prepare you by helping you map your strengths, skills, and interests to appropriate career choices.

As a student, you can participate in workshops, seminars and many other programmes organised by GCS Career Development. Tap into the availability of our career coaches who can guide you through strategic job search and connect you with potential employers.

GCS Career Services Career Coaching and Guidance

We will work with you through a process of discovery and action planning. In this one-on-one coaching programme, we will walk you through long-terms strategies, immediate goals, career planning and other activities which will improve your chances of finding the best employment.

Besides the various planning activities, our one-on-one coaching will also include practical exercises like Mock Interviews. This gives you an opportunity to practise and also to allow your coach to give you feedback on how you perform. More importantly, you will get advice on how to improve your answers to common interview questions, formulate interview strategies, improve your communication skills and reduce your stress before an actual job interview.

Your coach is your partner through your search for the best career.

Although your coach will help you with key skills and work with you on your action plans, there are many other challenges you will face as you move from being a full-time student into the role of a working adult. Career Services provides plenty of guidance in the form of industry information, contacts with employers, intimate knowledge of career choices and much more.

As a graduate from GCS, we know that you are well equipped to be a productive member of the workforce. But with extra guidance, you will be able to find that special niche where you can excel.