Financial Management Training

The strong growth enjoyed by the Asian Pacific economies has given rise to the development of Singapore becoming the next largest international financial centre (IFC) in the region. These have created exciting opportunities as well as potential threats for Singapore.

Based in Singapore, companies can enjoy and access a wide range of quality financial services provided by more than 500 local and foreign financial institutions. In addition, there are more than 4500 companies to provide various professional services, such as auditing, accounting and management consulting, market research, advertising and public relations, human capital services, and legal services.

Singapore is also fast becoming an ideal location for centralized services or “shared services”. The information technology, finance and logistics operations together will help enterprises to reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and maintain a consistent standard of service.

Programme Structure

  • Economic overview of Singapore and Southeast Asia
  • Wealth Management
  • Singapore Private Equity
  • Singapore Fund management
  • E-finance
  • Business Model and Innovation
  • Singapore Private Banking
  • Business innovation of financial products and services
  • Modern financial regulation and bank risk management
  • Visits to NUS RMI, Reputable banks

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Admission Criteria

Middle to top executives specialising in Banking and Wealth Management


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