SCCCE Chairperson Welcome Speech

Monday, May 30, 2022

2020 has been a year of uncertainty for most of us where COVID strike us at the least expected but we had triumphant.  We continue to support PC 2020 in order to continue our beliefs to help the less fortunate in times of difficulties.  In 2021 as situation remain uncertain, this year we would like to move our event online making use of online platforms.

Why traditional arts is important:

Traditional art has been passed down through the years, provides a shared experience for the entire community. Because these art forms incorporate values, cultural practices, and belief systems, they frequently serve as a common language through which the various communities that makeup society can communicate. While instilling believe since young that everyone can do their part.

On top of this, we favor all forms of arts contribution be it Western or Chinese art pieces.  The SCCCE Art Festival is a platform to showcase talents and works of well-known artists, art lovers and students locally and internationally. It is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together to interact; share their experiences and exchange ideas and knowledge.

1. The winners are:


Painting Winners

Gold – Ms. Ma Ming Wei (Hwa Chong International)

Silver – Mr. Chuang Yen Tao (Chinese High School, Bata Pahat)

Bronze – Mr. Henry Oh Jun Yu (Chinese High School, Bata Pahat)


Calligraphy Winners

Honorary – Ms. Weng Meng Zhu  翁梦竹  (Xia Meng University)

Gold – Ms. Lim Yu Qing (Chinese High School, Bata Pahat)

Silver – Ms. Edel Chan Jing Hui (Nan Hua High School)

Bronze – Mr. Kam Jun Hao (Nan Hua High School)


2. We have collated more than 1080 Kang characters from various government schools, SCCCE event participants and GCS staff, students and alumni members.


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