“WOW! Your customers” with digital transformation!

The world is evolving and going digital, there is a need for service professionals to upgrade their skills to support customers over various platforms in order to add value to organization and stay competitive.

This training covers how to adopt new skills to engage customers over different platforms while they also learn how to apply them in everyday work. To develop their understanding of the organization’s customer service knowledge, emerging platforms and PDPA practices. The underlying aim is to generate enthusiasm in making use of various platforms to improve customer experience in the retail industry.

Course Introduction


This course aims to educate individuals, especially those working in the service and retail sectors, to acquire new skills to engage customers on various platforms to enhance service delivery and customer experiences.

This course will help learners acquire the ability:

  • To engage with customers over various platforms according to organisational guidelines for digital transformation
  • To leverage on organisational resources to enhance customer experience
  • To understand structure of customer service knowledge based and observe PDPA requirements when handling customer information
  • To project professional etiquette when receiving customers’ feedbacks from various platforms

Admission Criteria & Fees

Minimum Age: 16 years

Academic Level: PSLE and above

Language Proficiency: English (beginner)

Award of Certificate:
Upon successful completion of coursework and examination, and a minimum of 75% attendance, students will be awarded a SOA by Golden Compass School and SSG.



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