February 16 2017

SCCCE Art Exhibition

  1. Art exhibition – Works of modern artists
  2. Exhibition of preliminary entries for “Kindness To The Planet” art competition
  3. SCCCE Kindness Booth
  • Singapore Book of Records Challenge – Write the Chinese character “恩”which will be contributed to the largest Chinese calligraphy collage
  • Live calligraphy session for charity
  1. “Kindness To The Planet” – A Series of Activities
  • Video-making workshop (by news photographer)
  • Shadow show
  1. Charity Sale – New Artworks
  2. Culture Performing Arts

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About 7th SCCCE

The Singapore-Chinese Culture Calligraphy Exhibition (SCCCE) held its seventh annual Arts Exhibition, featuring family-friendly activities celebrating traditional Chinese calligraphy and a showcase of works from renowned local and international artists.

Singaporeans and global visitors alike are invited to take part in engaging workshops and try their hand at printing a traditional Chinese character using ink and a brush. For a small charitable donation, visitors can contribute a character to a large collage of calligraphy paintings, which will be displayed permanently at a Singapore school.

7th SCCCE President’s Challenge Charity Dinner

SCCCE is now invite sponsorship for a unique charitable event in Singapore’s arts and cultural landscape, the Enterprise Forum and the President’s Challenge Charity Dinner, which will commemorate the commencement of the SCCCE Arts Exhibition on 11th July 2017.  It is a platform that furthers the cooperation between overseas and local enterprises, increasing the international visibility of enterprises.  Through targeted lectures, thematic discussions and dialogues, to provide the industry with an exchange of ideas, access to information, find opportunities to seek cooperation in Singapore.

The President’s Challenge Charity Dinner brings together the arts and cultural performances with the objective of helping the less fortunate. It will also host the SCCCE Art Awards and Competition, where artworks submitted by local and international students will be evaluated and celebrated. To cater to the overwhelming response, artists who missed the cut-off date for submitting will be relieved to hear that the closing date has been extended to June 26.

Paintings contributed by primary and secondary school students will also be offered for sale. Net proceeds will be donated to the President’s Challenge Charity Dinner 2017.