This way to better grades

星期五, 十一月 17, 2017

If your child is currently in primary school and in need of a supportive environment to learn English outside their curriculum time, Golden Compass School (GCS) may just be the place for him/her.

Tan Chin Cheoh is a retired Education Officer with 42 years of experience as an English teacher, a Head of Department for English and appointments as Principal of Mee Toh School and Woodgrove Primary School.

Mrs Tan, Principal at Golden Compass School says: “In GCS, our focus is on an individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is not to take the place of the students’ school teachers. Essentially, we build on whatever they have been taught in their classrooms and deepen their understanding.”

“We are proud of the positive feedback we have received from our past and current students. We see them improving in their grades after the added intensive learning and practices they have experienced at GCS,” she adds.

How we differentiate ourselves:


We build on the language and literacy skills of our students. They are actively engaged in activities customized for them, in vibrant discussions to help them hone their skills and widen their knowledge. We review their fluency through spontaneous and beneficial oral interactions.


At the weekly sessions, we explore the multiple concepts of grammar, vocabulary and synthesising.  Our explicit instruction assists our students to recognize the critical components in sentence structures. Our lessons look at common pitfalls and questionable grammar problems, e.g. finding agreement or concord between subjects and verbs.


We raise our students’ self-awareness and help them understand that comprehending skills can be developed. They are taught how to: use questions to find important ideas, activate prior knowledge to  infer meaning, making sense of unfamiliar words, etc.