9th SCCCE Art Festival

五月 15 2019

    SCCCE Fun Fair @ Mall

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    SCCCE is well-received and has gained tremendous support from the local schools. The 9th SCCCE Art Awards and Charity Festival will be held at :

    – 22nd July to 11th Aug 2019 at Suntec City, North Atrium
    – 29th July to 4th August 2019 at Compass One, Level 2 Atrium


    The 9th SCCCE Art Awards and Charity Festival is celebrating in conjunction with SG Bicentennial Experience, where the SG elements will be injected to reminisce the past and play games that remained close to our hearts.  This year our theme is “Integrity”. Held in SG where Passion Made Possible.

    This year, the SCCCE kicks-off with fun filled-activities where Singaporeans and global visitors alike are invited to take part of this momentous event where they can experience a slice of Singapore’s milestones. There will be Traditional Games like tikam tikam that will definitely bring back childhood memories to share with the families, Magic Show, Balloon Man, Face Painting artists, Food Carts with mouth-watering traditional snacks and photo-worthy treats, creations of renowned artists will be featured, and a Lucky Draw Session with beyond exciting prizes to be won!

    This year’s theme is Integrity— that helps to bring across the importance of being whole and undivided, upholding strong moral principles and living with dignity. By writing the Chinese Character “诚”, attendees can partake in making the largest Chinese calligraphy collage. This record-breaking event was awarded to SCCCE in the Singapore Book Of Records for its mass participation since 2013.

    The SCCCE Art Festival is also a platform for well-known artists and students – both local and international, where we interact and share our experience.

    SCCCE Art awards & competition is open to all  forms of arts including Eastern and Western Art, Chinese Calligraphy, Sculpture displays etc.


    9th SCCCE President’s Challenge Charity Dinner

    The upcoming ninth Singapore-Chinese Culture Calligraphy Exhibition (SCCCE) will culminate with the President’s Challenge Charity Dinner on 29 July 2019.

    To date, more than $ 1 million has been donated to help the less fortunate since the inception of the President’s Challenge Charity Dinner.

    Recognising the value of arts at a community and personal level, contributors and sponsors have continually supported this meaningful event by chipping in and giving back to the community through this worthwhile cause.

    SCCCE is now invite sponsorship for a unique charitable event in Singapore’s arts and cultural landscape, and the President’s Challenge Charity Dinner, which will commemorate the commencement of the SCCCE Arts Exhibition on 29 July 2019.

    The President’s Challenge Charity Dinner brings together the arts and cultural performances with the objective of helping the less fortunate. It will also host the SCCCE Art Awards and Competition, where artworks submitted by local and international students will be evaluated and celebrated. To cater to the overwhelming response, artists who missed the cut-off date for submitting will be relieved to hear that the closing date has been extended.

    Paintings contributed by primary and secondary school students will also be offered for sale. Net proceeds will be donated to the President’s Challenge Charity Dinner 2019.


    SCCCE competition for Children, Youth and Adults:

    1) Chinese Calligraphy
    2) Visual Art / Painting
    3) Performing Arts / Dance – An invitation to perform at the SCCCE President’s Challenge Dinner on 29 July  2019

    We earnestly hope that you can encourage your students to participate in the upcoming events and bring supporters and well-wishers to support the SCCCE Opening Ceremony on 26 July 2019 at 5pm.

    It is a platform to showcase talents and works of well-known artists, art lovers and students – from local and international scenes. It is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together to interact; share their experiences and exchange ideas and knowledge.

    Upcoming activities:

    • SCCCE Art Exhibition (23 July – 4 Aug 2019)
    • Art Awards & Competition  ( 1 April – 26 July 2019)
    • Preliminary round “Friendship” competition (15 June 2019)
    • Grand Finals round ” Integrity” & Award Ceremony (26 July 2019)
    • President’s Challenge Charity Dinner (29 July 2019)


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