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GCS is a Private Education Institution that offers academic and (ATO-PEI) industrial focused programmes to enhance the competencies of individual learners. It is a one-stop education service provider that facilitates learners in their acquisition of knowledge and skills, enabling them to thrive in a fast-changing world. GCS educators are qualified practitioners in their respective industries, possessing credentials recognised and validated by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) Singapore.

Besides diploma and degree programmes, our school has taken up the challenge of helping students prepare for the Cambridge International Examinations for Primary and Secondary Levels. Since the commencement of Cambridge curriculums in 2015, our students have made remarkable improvements and performed beyond expectations under the tutelage of an ex-principal.

Since 2010, GCS has been hosting the SCCCE Art Festival, a component of holistic learning, based on the premise of connecting to the community. This annual event promotes traditional Chinese culture and values and provides a meaningful platform for international cultural and art exchange programmes. GCS’s initiatives to organise and pave the way for students from Singapore and other countries to learn in communion and share experiences have been highly commended by the communities.

金航学院是一所私立教育机构,提供以学术和(PEI-ATO)技能为重点的教育机构。旨在帮助学者增长知识和技能,使他们在瞬息万变的社会中节节攀升。金航学院在教学过程中采用了综合,全方位的方法,极大地为学生做好了应对学术挑战的准备,并将他们的学术学习作为他们社会发展的立足点。金航学院的师资团队是各领域的资深从业者,享有新加坡私立教育委员会(CPE)认可。 除了文凭和学位课程,学院也帮助学生准备剑桥小学及中学课程预备升高中或大专。学生取得了显着进步,并且在校长的指导下取得了超出预期的成绩。


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Academic & Examination Board and Teachers

Dr Anton Jordaan

Doctor of Philosophy (University of Adelaide)

Dr Anton has more than 20 years of teaching experiences in tertiary (undergraduate and postgraduate programs) and corporate education environments and has consistently received excellent teaching evaluations. Courses presented range from Accounting, Strategic Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Business Planning, and Project Management.

Areas of expertise include international business development of UK, Australian, South African and Malaysian educational businesses, campuses, brands and programs.

Mrs Cheong-Chan Wan Mui

Bachelor of Science (The University of Singapore)

The ex-Principal of St’ Nicholas Girls School, Mrs Cheong has vast and rich experiences, being in St’ Nicholas Girls School for over 40 years.

Mr Phun Kia Jong Kevin
Master in Responsible Tourism (Leeds Metropolitan University)

Mr Phun Kia Jong Kevin started his education/teaching career in 2005 as a part time lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality. He has constantly been lecturing for Tourism and Hospitality modules, and also quite recently, soft skills classes.

Comments by trainees and students on Mr Phun – “Very knowledgeable lecturer, patient, and different from the rest…”

Courses and modules taught by Mr Phun
Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality (Modules 1-7)

Mrs Tan Chin Cheoh
Further Professional Diploma in Education (National Institute of Education, Singapore)

Courses and modules taught by Mrs Tan
Certificate in Elementary English(Module 1-3)/ PSLE course

Mr Lau Hwa Park Johnny

Master of Education Administration (University of New England)

Mr Lau Hwa Park Johnny was Vice-Principal of Kim Seng Secondary School and Principal of Dunman Secondary School. After that, he was appointed as Senior Inspector of Schools and Assistant Director in Ministry of Education.

Ms Claire Chng

Master in Business Administration(Seton Hall University)

Ms Claire Chng is the Managing Director of Golden Compass School.


Mr Teo Geok Poh


Master in Business Administration(Seton Hall University)


Ms Zhou Jie

Master of Business Administration (Nanjing University)

Dr Kwan Chee Whai (James)

Doctor of Philosophy (University of Western Australia)


Ms Jane Tan

MSc In International Management and HR (UK)

Certified as DISC Human Behavior Consultant

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Patron of the Arts Awards 2019 and 2020

Received Friends of Arts: Golden Compass School